5 Steps You Can Close the Deal Successfully

Sales persons often lose much of valuable time in the process of working on the wrong leads. What they think to be prospects often turn out to be people who are not in the need of your products. Pushing these, otherwise non-prospects, churn out undesired results at the end. Though qualified sales persons can easily differentiate between a wrong lead and a right lead, there are steps that can taken to minimize the chances of straddling in the wrong direction.

1. Knowing Your Customer

Starting with collecting information about the companies which you deem to be prospects is pre requisite. Asking questions such as company size, industry they are in, location of the company and the area they operate in, gives your sales people fair idea about who they are targeting.

2. Identifying Needs of the Customers

Do your target prospects really need the products you are offering? Instead of pushing your products and services, you have to know what products and solutions they are looking for. Accordingly, you have to fulfill their needs. You have to be honest in this assessment. If you cannot offer the desired products and services they want to, accept that. 

3. Minimizing Cold Approach

Stop Talking and start listening. This will save you a whole lot of energy and quality time. Your products may be the best in the category and so you think talking about the superiority of the products is your pre-owned right. But this practice may deviate you from your goal as the prospect’s goal and you may not be aligned. Whether face-to-face or over the phone, listening to customer’s needs gives you far better insights.

4. Identifying Decision Makers

Identify the decision makers of the prospect company, how do they make decisions, how many people are involved in the process of decision making, what is their typical buying process, what is their buying time cycle and time the company spends on purchasing a new product. The customer may not be interested in buying a product now but they may be in the near future.

5. Ability to Replicate the Process

You may close deal with the above practices but this should not be a standalone action. There should a process in place where your sales team can replicate the success model and also share it with other members of the sales team. Have a consistent strategy for your company so that everyone’s qualifying leads in the same way. 

Thus your first and foremost target should be to qualify your leads before frittering away too much time chasing someone who’s simply not interested. This can help you increase sales faster and save you considerable time in the process.

5 Steps You Can Close the Deal Successfully

Neha Selokar

Working at The IMPALS has been an amazing experience. The people here are optimistic and the environment is always positive

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