7 Facebook Engagement Strategies to Get You More Customers

Before getting into the loop of deciding what strategies would suffice for your customers to get engaged and motivated to clicking ‘that’ link, let us face a truth. We all like watching at something that is funny, different, and new. That is all what it takes for anyone and everyone to get them see the video for an ultimate comment, or to the most a like/reaction.

Here are some sane strategies that you and your social media team can take up for visibly effective engagement on your Facebook posts:

  1. Know Your Audience

    There are numerous ways to know your audience. You can set a survey, try keeping a tab on your competitors, manage and monitor the existing comments that you see on your posts. These exercises are easy to make you realize how much the customers value your products and services and get to know about their profiles. Channeling your content−video, creatives, or any media format−as per the audience interest will help it gain attention on Facebook.
  2. Sell It Short

    Making lengthy and unreasonably heavy content will not get you any likes, virtually or in real. Releasing the right content at the right time is key. Above all, your content should attract the scrollers. Make your videos and blogs short, crisp, and to-the-point right. As per study, sellers have a time gap of 1.5 to 2.5 seconds to grab the valuable attention of the scroller and convert them to a reader.
  3. Images. Images. Images

    A great image is everywhere, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. But, facts aside, for a post to go viral or even to be engaging enough needs really unique images incorporated in them. Having your own −team of photographers who can create some magic off capturing images and making it worthy enough to be relatable makes a difference. If that is not your way, then opt to choose images from stock photography. Some of the free websites do have great options to choose from.
  4. Ask

    No one does not like a question. Yes. If I ask you for advice or your opinion, you wouldn’t just scroll away, unless the question is totally out-of-your-league. Anyone and everywhere likes giving answers. Starting your post by throwing some questions at the reader is the best way to gel. Ask questions that will instigate the readers to put on their thinking caps. Questions beginning from ‘how to do’, ‘Do you agree’, ‘What would you do’, or ‘What is your favorite’ has ensured pull a great amount of attention on the readers.
  5. Also, Answer

    So, if you can ask questions, then you should be ready to be open to answering some to. Be responsive and quick to answer to the questions your audience poses. Ignoring your followers will only put you on the bad stride. In marketing, and in the world of competition, losing followers matters a lot! If they have taken time to ask you something, it is your duty to find the same amount of time−or even more if required−to answer to them too.
  6. Study the Signal

    Facebook has a different hold when it comes to studying the time and day to post the content on. Clicking on the Facebook ‘Insights’ link will give you a detailed analysis of the posts and the views they got. The option ‘when your fans are online’ allows you to have an algorithmic signal that will help you locate your fans and provide you a data on the days they are online the most. Schedule your Facebook posts accordingly and test your content with the help of dummy fans (use your friends here 😉).
  7. Big NO to Baiting

    The hunger for likes and comments should not make the image of your brand go low down. Do not go all hogging for maximum likes and comments by promoting vote baiting, react baiting, share, tag, or even comment baiting with unnecessary and irrelevant information. You might get tempted to try those, as they are a quick means to engage your followers, but also a real-quick means to get downranked by Facebook.

Hence, manage your Facebook presence with utmost care, as Facebook manages your posts and makes sure only organic content is posted that gets spread well among the followers. Good luck with making the most of Facebook and engaging your fans.

7 Facebook Engagement Strategies to Get You More Customers

Hiya Chakrabarti

Hiya Chakrabarti is the co-founder of Impals

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