Five points to consider before entering in the Customer Service job

Making your client valuable is the key to success of any business and very important for organizations these days. Building credibility is very tough in today’s era of competition. Business means not only acquiring new clients but also retaining your existing clients. Your existing clients are your ambassadors, who can help promote your business and in turn help you grow. But, this will happen only if they are satisfied with your customer service. In today’s world, client servicing is not an option but a must. You don’t have to struggle for repeat business if your relationship with your existing clients is excellent. Neglecting client servicing means neglecting your business, and that’s why, it has to be taken seriously. It is also one sure way of assuring your organization’s cash register ringing.

If you are in a Client Relations profile, you have to take utmost care while dealing with your customers. Good customer service should come naturally to you and should be a major part of your daily schedule. Below are five guiding principles to abide by in a Client Servicing profile:

1. Effective Communication - both verbal and non-verbal: Communication is an essential aspect of Client Servicing. If you have good communication skills, you will be able to express your thoughts in a much better manner to your clients. This ensures that the information you provide is conveyed effectively to them. Effective communication helps to bind your customer with you for a long term as it is the foundation of any business. The interaction should be personalized, and the clients should feel your willingness to help them. Client relations are effectively maintained if communication is made in a positive manner. Negative communication can make a bad impact on the client. So, communicate appropriately and clearly with your clients.

2. Be a good Listener: Active listening is another important aspect of Client Relations. Listening carefully helps avoid miscommunication as miscommunication can cause us to lose a great deal of business. It helps us in resolving client queries effectively. Active listening makes the client feel that you can relate to their needs. It helps you focus on the problem completely. Show respect towards the client by avoiding any interruption during the conversation. Be focused.

3. Understand the Customer Needs: Try to understand the needs of your customer and act promptly. Think from the clients’ perspective and try to offer them solutions accordingly. This ensures the clients’ trust in you. It makes your clients feel that you care for them and their business. For this, you need to thoroughly understand your clients’ business, as you can offer solutions as per their needs. You have to regularly interact with your clients to know the current trends and to know any future developments at their end. Knowing about your clients can help you anticipate what you can offer them. This gives you a better edge over your competition.

4. Know-how of the Service Catalog: Strong know-how of your organization’s service catalog is another attribute of the Client Servicing profile. Knowing your services completely can help you map the customer’s needs more effectively. Because of your strong know-how of the services, you can eventually spread your footprints in the customer landscape. You can be more confident while dealing with your clients as you can address any query immediately.

5. Patience - A crucial factor for customer servicing: Patience is the key to relieving all the problems. Be patient with your clients, especially when they are angry or irritated with you due to any reason. Empathize with them and give them extra attention to understand the problem. Try to keep calm and cool, when dealing with a dissatisfied customer. Being patient helps to avoid any impulsive decision and also plays a major role in winning the client. As it’s said, patience is a virtue, so have lots and lots of patience.

Client servicing is all about how to know the pain areas of your clients, take feedback from them, and provide them solutions promptly as per their needs. There many more attributes to a Client Relations profile, apart from the ones mentioned above. Client servicing is not a one-time job, but it needs continuous improvement. The more you improvise, the better you get at it. Your style of customer service can leave an impression on your clients’ mind for quite a long time, and your client will start recognizing you as the face of your organization. 

Lastly, remember that great customer service is an art and can help you to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your clients. Make your customer feel valuable and increase the chances of your organization’s growth. 

Five points to consider before entering in the Customer Service job

Nrupada Chaudhary

Nrupada Chaudhary is competent, dynamic, highly motivated professional with nearly 10+ years in Team Management, Training & Development, Recruitment Process Management & Customer Service. Proficient in recruitment, managing client relations, managing & leading teams for running successful process operations, she heads the talent management and administration at The IMPALS. She is a foodie and a passionate dancer.

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