Have you Adopted the Buzz Word Marketing Automation yet

Any advertising, product or service company sends out marketing messages and emails to its customers. Marketing automation is about automating such marketing activities, namely, emails, social media updates, etc. 

Having said that, if you run a B2B company, your website is your marketing stash. You would want to devote all your attention toward redesigning and revamping your website to stay competitive. Therefore, marketing automation tools and software is your lifeline. However, there are many negative theories attached to marketing automation—people have come up with many cons, and there are even reviews out there that declare marketing automation software is a waste of money. It may sound counterintuitive, but all it boils down to at the end of the day is about your website redesigning and implementation, as it enables your marketing team to track all the activities on the website and determine the RoI of your efforts. 

Having heard to all the negative reviews and comments out there, if you have been putting off implementation, then here are eye-openers for you which can highlight the importance of marketing automation for your company:

  • Your file hosting becomes simple

    Anything organized fetches better results. Your website content is no different. As projects stack up, your content inventory becomes cluttered. To de-clutter, marketing automation software and tools are ideal. They provide a central storage solution, in which you are allowed to store all your content, the associated images, and other files. Not only this, you will also be able to track the number of views and downloads on your content. The best part is, you don’t need an extra IT skilled expertise for this—you can do it all by yourself!
  • You can become an expert at identifying qualified leads

    Marketing automation enables not only enables you to track your website traffic, but also helps you identify quality leads. You might come up with Google Analytics as an option here. Eventually, you will understand that Google Analytics only provides you a macro-level view of your traffic. It becomes beneficial to add a marketing automation tool along with the analytics stats you have on hand to track your leads at the micro-level. A business with greater insights and understanding is definitely successful. Don’t you accept that?
  • Get to have a better landing page

    You must by now be thorough with the knowledge that your website’s landing page is the entryway to most of your traffic. Users hit on the landing page before proceeding to your sales page. Most of the marketing automation tools come with landing page builders, which will help you track inbound leads and collect a database of lead information. These landing page builders also suggest the right template with the right call-to-action button placements, so that you make the most out of the landing page.
  • Track your campaigns and count your money

    At the end of every day, you run these campaigns and marketing activities to enhance your RoI. Marketing automation tools enable you to track every stage of your marketing activity or campaign. It also gives you tagging features, with which you will be able to follow a lead right from the initial touchpoint to the sales point, thereby effectively being able to close the sales loop. Finally, by equipping your website with such effective marketing automation tools, you will be able to measure your RoI.

In a nutshell, there are various marketing automation tools/software available out there and these promise a lot of ‘happening’ events. Everything might look catchy and the most essential. The amount of marketing that comes along with these tools might make you want to alter your business to the tool—never do that. Do not get spoilt for choice—determine your RoI and then match the tools to your business. This is the simple suggestion we can give you!

Have you Adopted the Buzz Word Marketing Automation yet

Hiya Chakrabarti

Hiya Chakrabarti is the co-founder of Impals

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