Storytelling is the new marketing

In the world of marketing, big FMCG brands or fashion houses are all that seem to glitter, while manufacturing or B2B industry has always been perceived as dull, boring, dangerous, and unfashionable, often compared with glamorous, behind-the-desk industries. 

We say they are all, but myths!

Think of a company that has really changed of how manufacturing is looked at or a brand in B2B industry that has made a real difference in changing our perception of the industry. There are several that come to the mind. Right!

The products lines from phones and computers to their tiny accessories; from a car to its engine, to its tyres, from the biggest of appliances to their tiniest of the parts, and many such products that surround us! Wondered why? 
They are telling the compelling stories about their products. Stories excite people. When people buy a product, they don’t just buy a product, they carry an experience with them – a story with them. 

Don’t have a story? Think again!
Everyone has a story! 
Every product has a story. It is the story of the process of manufacturing masterpieces every day; not one, but thousands with the same quality, precision, and innovation. The final product is hard earned through every day of doing what makes it a unique.
Manufacturing is a story of an idea coming live, a dream becoming true; it is a story of a creation of a masterpiece. It is the story of creating thousands of masterpieces every day.
It is a story of making small differences in people’s lives; bringing them innovative solutions. Solutions which are brought with utter hard work and dedication. That hard work is your story. 

Why tell a story at all?
There is the collective effort of millions of people every day for providing innovative solutions. Every day people who invest their time and effort in making this possible, manufacturing the small parts of a machine or an appliance that now are installed in their houses solely to bring ease to their lifestyle.
We, at The IMPALS, have made it our mission to tell these stories and get them across... So the world could hear them too.

If you think you have a great story to be told, get Impalsified!

Storytelling is the new marketing


Is to become a model enterprise as regards the customer satisfaction and a pioneer firm as regards quality and work safety by virtue of the experienced and educated personnel

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