Researching her way of life with positivity

Being a multilingual and fun-loving, Kannada hudugi, Rohini Kambale, an employee with a positive aura, has been through different phases in her student life to reach a position she is in today. Her positive approach and dedication towards work has helped her bag the title of ‘Brand Impalsian of the month’.

Although she hails from Belgaum, Karnataka, her parents share different cultures. Her mother is a homemaker while her father is currently serving the government sector. This difference in the cultures has led Rohini to adapt to any circumstances and changes. Her maternal family had a huge number of engineers which encouraged her to take up Engineering in Electrical domain as her further study plan. During the first year, she got a little demotivated due to results, but this did not stop her from trying harder. She analyzed the loopholes where she was going wrong and tried a way out to those.

Her college days went off well but the reality stuck her hard after she completed her graduation. Being an Electrical Engineer, she connected for work all over the place. Despite no answers from the companies, she stood firm and waited for a bigger opportunity to come. Putting in lots of efforts and dedication, the beti of Karnataka, defying all the odds, came out of her cocoon to face the world.

Rohini was employed in the companies doing various engineering duties in her core electrical field but was less convinced with the way her career was shaping up. She could see that her growth was stagnant, so in order to live her dream life, she resigned from the job and joined a company as a Product Development Engineer where she got acquainted with all types of work. She served the company there for almost 2 years before joining IMPALS on 23rd April 2018.

IMPALS provided her the exposure and helped her build up confidence. Her hard work and passion towards her work has always attracted her all the praises from the higher authorities.  

We at IMPALS are elated to have in our team, an employee who is an epitome of dedication and spreads positivity everywhere she goes.

Researching her way of life with positivity

Hiya Chakrabarti

Hiya Chakrabarti is the co-founder of Impals

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